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CHOOSING HOW TO MEMORIALIZE YOUR LOVED ONE is an important and often times difficult decision.   

For many people the number of options and possibilities available in crafting the perfect granite memorial may either seem daunting or, if this is their first experience with memorials, they may not even realize the multitude of color, shape and design options.

We are here to assist you in the process of choosing the perfect memorial for your loved one.  There is only one rule we ask you to consider, namely, NEVER be rushed into any decision. 

A granite memorial is forever, and feeling like you need to have it set in the cemetery by a certain date, or feeling pressured by a consultant to make a decision is the one true way to not end up with exactly what you want.

Download our Company Brochure which is fully printable.  Here you can learn more about:

  • Our Perpetual Care Packages
  • Gravesite Cleaning Pricing
  • Understanding cemetery regulations 
  • Learning about what headstone is right for your loved one
  • Different shape and color choices
  • Finishes, design elements, font finishes
  • Sand carved art work, ceramic tiles, laser etching and more.