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Keepsakes & Jewelry

This is a meaningful way of holding memories of your loved one close to your heart. Keepsakes are designed to hold a lock of hair, a small amount of the cremated remains, or simply be a thoughtful remembrance of your loved one.

Many keepsakes and jewelry can be custom engraved, laser etched or personalized with images or text. Families can choose to pay tribute to their loved one with significant or sentimental scripture, poems, or even a farewell message.

Jewelry allows family and friends to hold their memories close to their hearts with beautiful necklaces, pendants and bracelets that can hold a portion of the cremated remains or even a lock of hair. 

Keepsakes (also known as miniature urns, mementos, and personal remembrances) offer families numerous choices for memorializing their loved one. They hold a small portion of cremated remains and become especially appropriate when several family members desire to keep a portion the cremains.