There are many types of granite found all over the world.  Quarries provide only 10 to 30 percent of memorial quality granite.  
There are three basic kinds of rocks on earth.

Igneous – This rock which was first a molten substance.  Granite is an igneous rock!
Sedimentary – Was formed from the undersea sediment of shells, bones and other such matter.  Limestone is a sedimentary rock!
Metamorphic – The name of this rock implies a change of form after creation. Intense pressure and heat over millions of years transforms sedimentary rock into metamorphic rocks like marble.
Granite is made up of 3 major elements.
1. Feldspar, the main ingredient
2. Quartz, the hardest ingredient
3. Biotite or mica

Granite has been proven to be the most durable, scratch resistant and extremely hard, that is why we use it today in our cemeteries.



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